The Gunpowder Theft featured by Smithsonian Magazine

Bermuda’s gunpowder theft has been featured in a new article in the Smithsonian Magazine.

Author Matt Jancer’s story on the famous theft of gunpowder from the unguarded magazine in St George’s concludes: “As for Bermuda’s gunpowder, enough of it eventually made its way to Washington’s men at Boston. The British, unable to hold their position, evacuated the city in March of 1776.

The Bermudian gunpowder supply lasted through the end of that campaign and into June, when it was used to defend Charleston from British invasion, according to Spurling. A port vital to the American war effort, losing Charleston could have choked the rebellion into submission. Outmanned five-to-one, American defenders fought off nine British warships. The British wouldn’t try again for four years, all because a Bermudan governor left a storehouse unguarded, because who would ever dare try to heist so much gunpowder from a town in the middle of an ocean?”