Remembering the capture of U-505

The capture of the German submarine U-505 in the Second World War - and the part a Grman sailor played in it - has been remembered in this story in the The Royal Gazette.

Today is the 75th anniversary of the capture by the US Navy of the submarine off Africa with its Enigma encryption machine intact. The capture gave the Allies invaluable access to German secret codes just weeks after the June 6 invasion of Normandy.

To ensure the Germans did not change their codes, the submarine was reported as sunk whereas in fact it was brought to Bermuda and kept here in secret.

The full story of U-505 was published in the July 2018 in Volume 21 of The Bermuda Journal of Archaeology and Maritime History, maintained by the National Museum of Bermuda, a member of Heritage Bermuda.

Bermuda is a treasure trove of stories for military buffs. Its strategic location in the Atlantic has made it an important naval and air base for four centuries.