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The Ivory Ape

  • World Heritage Centre Penno's Wharf Town of St. George, St. George's Parish Bermuda (map)

Historic Heartbeats comes to St George's World Heritage Centre for a screening of Arthur Rankin's Bermuda cult classic "The Ivory Ape". 

Rankin, best known for Christmas favourite "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer",  cast Jack Palance against the type as the hero in this 1980 made-for-TV film shot entirely on location in Bermuda.

The film featured such local performers as Grace Rawlins, Charles Jeffers, Marlene B. Landy, Jane Bainbridge, John Lough and George Rushe in supporting roles. Palance starred in the film as Bermuda-based big game hunter Marc Kazarian. The plot focuses on a hunt for a rare albino gorilla, recently captured in Africa, which escapes from a freighter bound for New York that's forced to dock on the island during a storm.

The gorilla is killed by a trigger-happy Bermudian before Palance's Kazarian character - who has turned his back on his former career as a hunter can save the animal, a female which has just given birth.

Tickets are free from the  Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, Bdatix or the World Heritage Centre